Holy Mother Earthship!

While in Santa Fe, we took a side trip to Taos to see our daughter, Ashley.
She has an internship with Earthship Biotecture, a company just outside of Taos that builds radical homes out of recycled materials.

We were able to actually spend the night at an Earthship, which was quite an experience!
This one is called The Phoenix. Built and designed by the founder, Mike Reynolds, it is like stepping back in time to the 70's, or even like landing on another planet! It is also for sale.
Asking price? $1.5 million!

The architecture of this Earthship cannot be defined. Part art nouveau meets Mad Max, part space ship, part free radical art form in its design, make no mistake, this house is a very complicated structure.
Built out of tires, cans and bottles, as well as other recycled material, it is designed to live off the grid, using solar power and captured rainwater.

After our initial tour of The Phoenix, we settled in and explored the home's unique design, like the inside greenhouse where all kinds of food is grown, using filtered grey water.
Mr. A is either calling 911, or saying "Scotty, beam me up!"

The reason? This baby rattlesnake that found its way inside the greenhouse. I don't think he is part of the eco-system of flora and fauna here! Of course I over-reacted with blood curdling screams. Mr. A simply trapped him between the door and screen door.

Inside the greenhouse is a pond stocked with fish and turtles. We were told that tilapia live here and can be caught and eaten!

Just outside, a cute little bunny munched on the newly planted herbs.

Chickens provide fresh eggs every day. They even have their own Earthship chicken coop!

Inside the Phoenix, the artistic design continues to both inspire and amuse.
Me? As a designer, I wanted to redecorate! Although the kitchen is pretty cool.

Every surface inside this house is a creative art form, which is cool.
Nothing is "normal."

However sitting in the living room, I couldn't help wanting to give this room a new look!

The fireplace looks like an alien! I realize that was probably the point, but it was lost on me.
I could envision neutral walls, a more traditional style fireplace, Indian rugs and leather furniture.

At least there were many conversation areas.

Earthship Biotecture
As you can see, there isn't a clear line between living area and jungle!

The master bath with it's unique tub, making it like bathing in the jungle, complete with parrots! How exotic!

The interior walls have recycled colored bottles imbedded in them. When the sun shines through, it gives a beautiful stained glass effect.

Earthship Biotecture
There are actually two master bedrooms and baths in this home. This is the other master bath shower.

Earthship Biotecture
This is the master bedroom where we slept. The room is decorated in that retro 70's look that I have already lived through!
Love the ceiling though!

Out in the greenhouse, we sat with Ashley and her boyfriend and had drinks and hors d'hoeuvres. It was so good to see her and hear about her internship and everything that she is learning. They stayed for dinner, which she cooked, of course!

After dinner, we all sat around the fire pit and gazed at the stars. 7000 ft. above sea level, you can only imagine how many stars there were. Even a few shooting stars.
It was magical!

Here is the floor plan for The Phoenix. It is available as a nightly rental if you're interested in learning about this unique, completely sustainable home and the surrounding Earthship community.
For more information on Earthship Biotecture, visit their website here.

Yes, it was quite the adventure staying in The Phoenix, and one we will never forget!

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