Antiquing in "Juneuary"

What to do when it's June and record setting rainfall?
Go antiquing!

Darting in and out of shops, trying to stay dry, we found this kilim ottoman for a song.
I had no idea where to put it, until I got home. It is perfect in front of the leather chair in the reading room in Asti!

We also found an iron settee, chair and table for the pool house balcony.
It has been a three year search, and of course I don't have a photo since it was raining so hard!

On our way home yesterday, we stopped in the sleepy little town of San Anselmo and braved more rain.
San Anselmo has some great antique stores. I found this lamp! One of a pair, stay tuned to where it is going to go!

Even the Alameda Antique Faire was rained out. Rescheduled for next Sunday, I'm praying for good weather!

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