Shingle Style Cottages In My Neighborhood

A while back, I featured shingle style cottages for Inspiration Tuesday, as well as porches for another IT. So, as promised, here are a few shingled cottages in my community that I have always loved. Most of them have fabulous porches too, so you get a "two-fer!"

These are homes that I often make a point of driving by just to have a look.

They share a few common architectural features like corbels, columns and porches.
Classic California bungalows, built in the 20's

Some just aren't that great, but somehow the shingles make it alright!

This bungalow is one of my favorites.

A close-up of the front door and porch. It reminds me of my front porch and door.
I often wonder if my house started out as a shingle house and then was remodeled in the 60's with stucco...

Just around the corner from me is this lovely house. I couldn't get a decent photo, but you get the idea. It's hiding behind the hedge and beautiful gate.

Then, across the street from that house is this one. Also hiding behind lush landscaping.
I'm waiting for this one to go up for sale--just so I can see the inside!

Another favorite, kind of a landmark in town. It takes up three city blocks. The family will never sell it, unfortunately!

Although I prefer a brown shingled house, some are painted like this enormous one.
Painted a pale tan color, it is magnificent. This home is on my walking path.

A green shingled house, a classic in my neighborhood, ready for Easter.

I also tried to photograph houses with great front porches.
This one needs some furniture!

I've always loved this cottage for it's pergola over the front porch.

As I was driving around, I ended up in front of this house. We lived here when our children were little. My youngest son was born here, 22 years ago!

Built in 1909, it is a classic farmhouse, complete with sagging floors and original kitchen!
I don't know what is holding up that arbor, as I put it there in 1990! I also painted it the color it is now. Such memories.....

I've held off posting this because I wanted to include a cottage a few blocks from me that has the most darling front porch. I just can't seem to get a photo! Darnit, the occupants seem to always be sitting outside enjoying their porch!
I'll just have to post it separately. Trust me, you will love it!

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