Armenian Easter Traditions

Here is my "real" table for Easter. It is our family's tradition to use these purple transferware plates for Easter.

Also, the cabbage leaf chargers and of course the egg cups are tradition.
Since the little ones were coming for dinner, the kitchen table was the logical choice for my tablescape this year.
Next year, we will eat in the dining room!

There are a few Armenian traditions that my husband's family still honors. Lamb is always served, along with rice pilaf. Which doesn't sound like a big deal, but in my family, we had ham and mashed potatoes for Easter dinner. At least that is what I remember!
For our dinner today, we also had asparagus, salad and a potato/pea puree. Yum!

One of the most important and fun Armenian traditions is the "egg fight!"
This is serious business! Each person selects an egg and then challenges, or is challenged in a fight to see who has the strongest egg.

While one person holds their egg, the other taps the egg with their egg. Whose will break?

This is a game that all generations participate in.

Little Zoe cracked her Mom's egg!

My Mother-in-law concentrating on her egg!

There is much drama to this game and some cheating too!

Congratulations to Reese, who had the winning egg!

Do you have any special Easter traditions?
Do you have lamb or ham? Rice pilaf or mashed potatoes?
Have you ever had an egg fight!?

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