Tuesday Inspiration: Porches and Sunrooms

Since spring weather is just around the corner, my Tuesday Inspiration is porches and sunrooms.
Imagine sitting out on the front porch on this fabulous stripe sofa. Upholstered in outdoor fabric, no doubt. This is a fresh take on the "all American front porch!"

Traditionally, wicker furniture is what you expect to see on the front porch, along with tall glasses of iced tea.

Or tall glasses of lemonade!

This back porch is screened in and the perfect place for a meal.
Pure Americana!

I love this screened in room. All of these images seem like they are in the South.
Especially, the screened in porches.

This porch has been enclosed and now should be called a sunroom.
Similar to mine, which was at one time an outside porch, but enclosed at some time in the 40's.
The beadboard ceiling gives it away!

I love this light filled sunroom, although it needs a few more touches.

These rooms tend to be long an narrow. Just line up the rockers and look outside!

Porch or balcony, I love it either way. Love the old wicker and wood--unexpected in a tropical setting like this. Can't you just feel the warm breeze?

between naps on the porch traditional porch

I couldn't help think of Susan's famous porch from Between Naps on the Porch.
This room gets a lot of use, from naps to tablescapes!

Another famous porch is Joy's from Savvy City Farmer. Afterall, it was featured in Fifi O'Neill's "Romantic Prairie Style" that I just received in the mail yesterday!
I love the natural beadboard ceiling and curtains!

My upstairs balcony looks out to the front yard and feels very much like a porch.
It is need of some TLC right now with all the rain we've had.

My sunroom.
You can tell it was once a porch because of the beadboard ceiling and because it steps down from the rest of the house. I'm planning a few changes in here. Because it steps down, I'm installing wall to wall seagrass and getting rid of the rug. The family room sofa will move in here and possibly a vintage trunk.

I planned on sharing photos of some of my favorite porches in my community, but ran out of time. I'm on my way to New York tomorrow for our annual girlfriend trip. So when I return, I will share my favorite porches and shingle houses that inspire me from my neighborhood.

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