Tuesday Inspiration: Mud Rooms

When I think of a mud room, I think of this photo.
Wellies lined up, rain gear at the ready, and of course a brick floor to hide the mud.

Homes and Gardens
A more contemporary mud room with slate floors and built-in bench.
I like the clean, fresh look of this room.

Mud rooms also make for a great place to arrange or pot flowers and keep everything organized like this room does with floor to ceiling baskets.

Country Homes and Interiors
What a luxury to have a place to corral all the shoes and coats.

Southern Living
Even the soccer balls and tennis rackets have a place.
Oh, how I wish I had a place like this when the kids were little and playing sports.

Country Homes and Interiors
I love this room for it's versatility. It's both mud room and sun room, a quiet place to sit and contemplate with a cup of tea.

Our mud room in Asti truly is a mud room!
Accessible from both the front and the back of the house, it is basically the entrance, a place to take off those muddy shoes and put on your slippers. The laundry room is just off this room.

Homes and Gardens
When your mud room is also your laundry room, it's nice to hide the washer and dryer behind a skirt.

Country Home

My favorite laundry room is Lisa's, my friend who inspires me so with her original and elegant design ideas. Behind the skirt is her washer and dryer. Above, her collection of wash buckets and bread boards.

Country Living
This solves the ironing board dilemma. Mine seems to always be set up, even if I don't need it. As soon as I put the ironing board away, I need to iron something. It's a vicious circle!

Elle Decor
I like how the stainless steel appliances relate to the galvanized sink, tubs, watering cans and other items in this homeowner's collection.

Another one of my favorite laundry rooms belongs to Kelley from The Polished Pebble. Again, more stainless and galvanized metal. She loves her Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products!

Laundry Room traditional laundry room
This laundry room is serious about laundry! Great for a large family, it's organized and laid out well.

My laundry room/mud room/potting room...
Really, it is a catch-all, staging room for items to be either distributed to the garage or upstairs. It is quite a challenge for me to keep it organized, but I'm working on it!

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