Bouquets To Art

The "Bouquets to Art" was held this past week at the San Francisco de Young Museum. This year did not disappoint!

Now in it's 27th year, Bouquets to Art is an event where floral designers create arrangements inspired by works of art on display in the museum.

As an example, this arrangement picks up the colors and shape of the featured painting.
What is so wonderful about this event is that it gives us the opportunity to really see the art, viewing and comparing the floral arrangement to the painting or sculpture.

This floral designer used driftwood to emulate the body of the subject in the painting.
I thought this arrangement was genius!

Unfortunately, I forgot my camera, but used my camera phone to try and capture these fabulous arrangements. Actually, they turned out better than I thought!

A painting of a train with the puffs of smoke is translated into a floral arrangement.

An old photograph of a blue pool becomes another interpretation using succulents and blue petals.

This designer "nailed it" with his arrangement, don't you think?

A sculpture becomes a floral dress....

...simply incredible!

Picking up just the colors of the painting.

Everyone loved Superman!

But my personal favorite was this dog! He reminded me of Dexter!

This painting is kind of creepy...! is the arrangement!

I am such a fan of still lifes, so the beauty of this designer's interpretation really inspired me.

More still life with flowers.

Still life with books.

This painting of the Madonna and child,

was interpreted like this. She used prayer cards and religious candles to tie the two together.

In the end though, it was all about the creativity of the arrangements that I loved.
This one in particular caught my attention for it's use of succulents, dried hydrangeas and pepper berries. I could see this as a long-lasting, gorgeous centerpiece for a table.

Bouquets to Art is an event you must see at least once. Held in March, it would be a reason to visit San Francisco, visit The de Young Museum, even pay a visit to the Academy of Science just across the way.

Last week was museum week for me! I took the granddaughters (or they took me) to the Academy of Science on Tuesday, then the next day attended the Bouquets to Art.
It was so much fun!
Check back tomorrow for photos of The Academy of Science!

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